Process of Selling Your Business

Determine how much money you need from the sale. You will find various retirement calculators when you click here.

Review your Exit options. Click here.

Put the goals of selling your business into writing.

Create a draft Purchase Agreement. Click here.

Determine who will be on your Exit Team. Click here.

Hire outside resources if necessary.

Assemble your Exit Team.

Determine the current market value for your business. Click here. (Be sure to get the PDF with your first valuation and the PDF with the valuation after you have sold your business if you have enrolled in either the Summit or Crest training programs in order to satisfy the money-back guarantee requirements. You will be reimbursed up to $100 for the cost of the two valuation PDFs.)

Get an estimate of the value of your business based on the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method. Click here.

You can click here to learn more about business valuations.

Determine if you need to boost the value of your business before taking it to market.

Complete Business Value Boost training if you need to boost the value of your business before taking it to market. Click here. (Summit and Crest Training Programs only) to use the strategies provided in order to boost the value of your businesses.

Create your list of seller documents for due diligence. Click here.

Prepare & organize Seller Due Diligence documents.

Create your Target List. Click here.

Create a list of advertising locations.

Create your teaser. Click here.

Create your advertisement.

Create your Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM). Click here.

Post your advertisements.

Send your teaser to your Target List.

Send your NDA/Buyer Application to Target List Teaser respondents.

Review NDA/Buyer Application replies.

Send your CIM to qualified Targets.

Create a draft Indication of Interest (IOI). Click here.

Send your draft IOI to Targets who received your CIM.

Create a draft Letter of Intent (LOI). Click here.

Determine the location for Due Diligence meetings.

Schedule Due Diligence meetings.

Send your draft LOI to Targets who have conducted due diligence.

Negotiate offer(s).

Update your draft Purchase Agreement.

Create a list of Post-Closing tasks.

Determine the closing location.

Schedule a closing date.

Create a schedule for Post-Closing tasks.

Close the sale.

Complete Post-Sale Obligations. Click here.

Celebrate the sale with your Exit Team.