About Us

Our Story

After working in Mergers & Acquisitions and working as an independent business broker, James Riddle decided to make a difference in the way businesses are bought and sold.  He believed business sellers were not given a “fair shake” and created resources to help them protect the equity they had built into their business.

The fact that many business owners are rejected by business brokers and M&A firms each year is of great concern to us. Small businesses are the backbone of the economy and employ millions of people. When the owner decides to sell his or her small business, there should be sufficient resources available to help in the endeavor. The opportunities are limited to many owners because their businesses are deemed “unmarketable” by third-party intermediaries. 

Our Reason

Many online services offer introductory, high-level information in order to lure business sellers into buying a low-cost membership or other type of package which is intended to pique the sellers’ interest and convince them to make additional purchases.  

We believe this marketing strategy to be devious and it only frustrates sellers.  Our philosophy is to help the business owner plan, prepare, and sell their business for maximum profit and with minimal frustration.  

We are benefiting a $4 Trillion marketplace and we understand how much our reputation depends on our success.

Happy clients will gladly provide referrals without a referral request.  We want our satisfied small business sellers to tell everyone they know about us and our solution.  

Our Mission

To help owners improve their chances of selling their small business and allow them to put the maximum amount of money into their pockets when they sell.

Our Promise

We will not charge hidden fees nor will we withhold valuable information or tools needed to sell your business for maximum profit.  You get everything we said you would get when you sign up for your solution.

About the Founder & President

Author of How to Sell Your Business For Maximum Profit Without A Business Broker Or M&A Firm.

James Riddle is a Christian, a father, a husband, and a business owner who has extensive experience in mergers & acquisitions.  He worked for one of the leading M&A firms in the country and he has also worked as an independent business broker.

He wrote How to Sell Your Business For Maximum Profit Without A Business Broker Or M&A Firm because he wanted to help the millions of owners who are rejected by business brokers and M&A firms each year because their businesses are unmarketable. The book addresses the reasons businesses are unmarketable as well as the steps to take to improve the value and attractiveness of businesses.

He earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma and his major was Management Information Systems.  He worked as a Business Analyst for approximately 11 years before beginning his sales career. 

He has first-hand experience working in various industries including food service, retail & wholesale, manufacturing, automotive, marketing & advertising, hardware & software, healthcare, publication, communications, lawn care, automotive, energy, construction, logistics, merchant processing, finance, security, and home improvement.